7 Tips to Improve the Battery Life of iPhone in iOS 11

1. Reduce Motion Reduction Option
The animation and visual effects coming with the iOS 11 version look great and many at the same time, such as animated background effect on the home screen, or animation applications, the bad part is that these effects drain your phone’s battery and if you want to save the battery you’ll disable it and you can through it :
Reduce iPhone Motion Option
  • Go to Settings.
  • And then the General tab.
  • Access to access section.
  • Finally search for the motion reduction option and then enable it.

2. Disable the Raise to Wake Feature:

Raise to Wake, which was introduced for the first time on iOS 10, this feature when you lift your phone to unlock the phone and when you download it automatically closes the phone, and of course this feature is very useful if you wake up and want to check your iPhone if there are notifications or lost calls instead of using the Home screen button, but it is useful to have a large negative, namely drain the battery and to stop this feature you:
Raise to Wake iOS
  • Go to Settings.
  • And then go to the Display & Brightness.
  • Finally, turn off the Raise to Wake feature.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

The more battery consumers are the screen, the stronger the lighting, the faster the drain will be. You can improve battery life by adjusting the brightness of the monitor to the minimum or to the required level, and most importantly, adjust brightness at a comfortable level.
iPhone Screen Brightness
You can adjust the screen brightness from Control Center.

4. Disable Automatic Fetch New Data

Logically, if you add your e-mail account to a mail application, there’s a possibility that you’ve set the app to automatically fetch new emails, while this is useful but increases battery consumption by continually checking the application for new messages or not, To minimize battery consumption here, you should disable this mode or change your settings so that new data is fetched less frequently, for example, every “half hour”.
Disable Automatic Fetching Mode
You can do so by:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click the Accounts tab and Passwords.
  • Click the option to fetch new data “Fetch New Data”.
  • The next screen through which you can disable them completely or prolong the fetch as we said every half hour.

5. Remove Notification Widgets:

Widgets are a useful feature that allows you to take a quick look at applications without opening them. However, it is absorbed from the iPhone battery and more than you think, especially those that require access to site and calendar services such as widget maps, All or all of the items are recommended by:
iPhone Notifications
  • Go to screen lock and scroll to view the calendar of the day.
  • Then scroll down and click Edit.
  • From the next screen you can remove the tools that you do not need, by pressing the “-“ sign in red.
  • If you rarely use this feature, it is best to remove all.

6. Turn off repeated locations

This option is deeply hidden in your phone’s settings. This option lets you track where you frequently visit and use this data to provide better location services such as calendar apps, maps, etc. You can disable them by:
iPhone Frequent Locations
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Privacy tab.
  • Go to the Services section of the site and then scroll down and click on System Services.
  • Press the Repeat locations option and turn it off.

7. Check Battery Ssage:

When you notice that your phone battery is draining very quickly, one of the first things you should do is check the battery usage, in order to determine which applications consume the most battery power:
Check iPhone Battery Usage
  • Here you go to Settings.
  • Click the battery tab, there you will find a list of applications, side by side use the battery for the past 24 hours or last 7 days.
  • The application you see consumes a lot. Close it whenever you do not need it, instead of keeping it open in the background.


Finally, these are some ways to improve battery life performance for your iPhone and iOS 11. As we have already indicated, this version is currently in beta and at the time of writing, some of these tips may be changed or new tips may be introduced.


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