How to Get Windows Defender to Scan Automatically

Windows Defender is an effective tool to prevent your computer from virus and keep your computer safe. It could scan your computer when you are not in front of it so it will not interfere with your work. You could also set up a time to let Windows Defender scan your computer regularly.
1. Open Search Windows, entered Schedule tasks.TIM截图20180123152222
2. Tap Task Scheduler Library in the left bar, tap Microsoft, then tap Windows, scroll down and double-click Windows Defender folder.TIM截图201801231534293. Double-click Windows Defender Scheduled Scan in the right center pane.TIM截图201801231505444. Select the Triggers tab below Windows Defender Scheduled Scan Properties, click New in the left bottom corner.TIM截图201801231455465. Customize how often you need scans to run and when you’d like them to be activated.TIM截图20180123145232
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