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How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating drivers?

Wise Driver Care is a tool that can automatically download and update drivers. Drivers recommended by Wise Driver Care all have Microsoft’s official certifications and have been verified by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab(WHQL). Since Microsoft introduced a mandatory automatic update mechanism in Windows 10 that will automatically update drivers and system, which would raise some questions, such as, some incompatible drivers may cause system failures or result in a failure of management tools using for official drivers. So how to prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating device drivers? First Method: Modify the Device Installation Settings 1.Tap Win+Break simultaneously to open System 2.Tap Advanced system settings in the left panel 3.On the Hardware tab, click Device Installation Settings 4.

How to freely select whether to install an update

Due to the Window 10 automatic update mechanisms which will use “Auto Update” as a default option, although it’s convenient but the fault is that updates can’t be chosen by users freely. How to freely select whether to install updates without turning off “Auto Update” features?
The answer is unambiguous yes, by using Local Group Policy Editor along with Show or hide updates tool you could implement this effect.
1.Modify the Group Policy configuration
1)Press “Win+R” simultaneously
2)Enter “gpedit.msc” to open “Local Group Policy Editor”
3)Select the “Computer Configuration”, then select “Administrative Templates”> “Windows Components”> “Windows Update”

How to Make Your Browser Bookmarks Bar Only Display Site Icons

Chrome and Opera
1.Right-click on a bookmark in the toolbar
2.Select “Edit” from the context menu
3.Delete the text in the “Name” section of the small pop-up window that opens and press “Save”
4.Repeat that process for every bookmark in your toolbar.