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Happy Halloween & Halloween Special Sale! Up to 78% off on Products

The annual Halloween is coming. How are you going to wear costumes and go out to parties? Are the jack-o-lanterns at home ready?   WiseCleaner has prepared exquisite “Halloween Candies” for new and old users. Let’s fool around. “Halloween Candies” include Wise Care 365 PRO, Wise Duplicate Finder PRO, Wise Folder Hider PRO, and Wise Hotkey PRO, you can get  78% off. In addition, you can also log in to the  WiseCleaner  official website to participate in the lucky draw, and win a wonderful prize at  100% . Halloween promotion period:  October 21, 2023– November 5, 2023 . Halloween promotion content: Up to 78% discount on products. It is worth mentioning that the Halloween Package ( 3PCs / 1 Year ): Wise Care 365 PRO Wise Duplicate Finder PRO Wise Folder Hider PRO Wise Hotkey PRO Original sale price: $104.8 Now it’s only on sale : $22.95 All products are of great value! Get rid of your hesitation and download them! Purchase link:

Wise Video Converter 3.0 beta is released

Dear friends, We are pleased to announce the beta release of Wise Video Converter Version 3.0, an upgrade focused on enhancing video conversion efficiency. This version showcases a user-friendly interface, complimented by advanced video encoding technology to ensure high-quality conversions. An essential new addition to version 3.0 includes video compression and merging functions, allowing for easy size reduction and video combination. With access to 16 popular video filters and effects, users can further refine their video quality and aesthetics. As a thank you for your continued support, anyone who downloads the beta version will enjoy 6 months of PRO features free of charge. These features will remain available even after the official release. Experience the improved functionality and convenience of Wise Video Converter 3.0 today. Click Here to Download Wise Video Converter 3.0  (6-month license key built-in)

Wise Care 365 v6.6.2

Wise Care 365 keeps on its improvements, and the newly released notes are as follows: What’s new: Improved the rule for cleaning LibreOffice and Tencent QQ.  Supports cleaning Hearthstone.  A second confirmation is required when cleaning browser saved passwords. Fixed minor bugs in previous version More about Wise Care 365 Download Wise Care 365

Wise Disk Cleaner v11.0.5

Wise Disk Cleaner keeps on its improvements, and the newly released notes are as follows: Improved the rules for cleaning Font cache, QQ cache, VMware Horizon Client, and LibreOffice. Supports cleaning BlueStacks 5, NordPass, and Icecream Screen Recorder. We added a window to facilitate users to submit comments and suggestions. Minor GUI improvements. More about Wise Disk Cleaner Download Wise Disk Cleaner

How to Wipe out Deleted Data on the Disk without Recovery

Windows built-in “cipher /w” command erases the sensitive data by overwriting it with random data. Wise Care 365 free erasers the deleted data by creating a large number of 0-byte files on the free space of the disk, which is more efficient. When you delete a file on a hard drive, the data in it isn’t really deleted at all. Instead, the system marks the deleted file as no longer accessible and marks the space occupied by it as deallocated (free). After that, the space can be available to use again when new data is written to the disk. That is why, until the space is overwritten by new data, you can recover the deleted file by using data recovery software. Meanwhile, anyone can easily recover your deleted file through unauthorized access. In order to wipe out deleted data on the disk without recovery and protect your privacy, you could take the help of Windows built-in  “Cipher /w” Command  or  Wise Care 365 . Please continue reading on. What is “CIPHER /W” Command The  "CIPHER /W&