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5 Ways to Remove / Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Everyone knows how to install a software in Windows system, simply double click the installer, then click Next, Next until it is finished. But if you don't keep your eyes on each step, some unwanted programs may be installed during the process. Once you find these unknown installed programs, I highly recommend to remove them. Do you know how to uninstall/remove a program from Windows? There are 5 normal methods: Run uninstall wizard in Start menu Run uninstall wizard from the application folder Via Control Panel to remove the application Run Command line Use Wise Program Uninstaller Okay, I will use QuickTime as an example to show how to use these 5 different methods to remove an application. Method 1, Use Wise Program Uninstaller ( Highly Recommended ) Used uninstall wizard to remove an application, it may leave some files and registry entries that we don't know. To completely uninstall a program (clean all associated files and registry entries), we n