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How to determine whether the network adapter is Gigabit Ethernet?

Today, most of the mainstream mainboards were built with gigabit Ethernet chipset. A combination with a Gigabit Ethernet adapter, we are able to enjoy surfing the internet at an ultimate speed of gigabit. But, how will we determine whether the network adapter on our computer is Gigabit or not? Usually, we could know this by the following methods:   According to the model number and name of the Ethernet adapter According to Properties. Method 1, The name or model of Ethernet adapter This is the easiest way. In most cases, its model number or name would be a hint. The following keywords: Gigabit 、 GBE 、 10/100/1000M Gigabit, represent the Gigabit Ethernet adapter. On the contrary, Fast Ethernet 、 10/100 、 FE etc. are symbols of a 100M one. So, how to find the name and model number? 1, (On Windows 10) Right-click on " This PC " on the desktop, choose " Manage " to open Computer Management. 2, One-click on " Device Manager "