How to Stop Letting Microsoft Use Your PC for File Sharing

Microsoft is attempting to make Windows Update more streamlined by having users share their connection with others to speed updating through P2P. As always, you have the choice to decide whether you want Delivery Optimization to share parts of downloads between your PC and others on your local network or the Internet. Also there are features allow you view your PC’s download and upload activity, control bandwidth usage, etc.
To view the latest stats, you could follow the steps below:
1.       Select the Start  button - Settings  - Update & security  - Advanced options


2.       Then select Delivery Optimization - Activity Monitor


This isn’t anything users will notice or have a problem with, but if you’re worried about data usage, or you want to make sure other devices at home have the bandwidth they need, you can limit what percentage of bandwidth is used for Delivery Optimization downloads and uploads.

Select the Start button - Settings - Update & security  - Advanced options. Then select Delivery Optimization - Advanced Options

Check Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background” and “Limit how much bandwidth is used for uploading updates in the background
Use the slider to set the percentage of available bandwidth used for background downloads & uploads. Lower values use less bandwidth but cause:
·         updates to be delivered more slowly to your computer
·         updates to be uploaded more slowly to other users

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