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Completely clean out an older computer

How old is your PC, these days windows come pre-installed on all computers so when you format it will install windows again since it is on a partitioned drive.. Depending how old your computer it may not have this feature which means when you format you will just get a dos prompt, like the retro days... Unless you have a windows installer CD... Double click on your computer to see the available drives, computer should be say Drive C: if you have windows recovery to re-install you should see something like Drive D: maybe labelled Recover or something.... Read more:

How to delete any file that windows can't delete?

When we try to delete something in windows, we may see errors like "File is in use" or "Access Denied". Wise Force delete enables you to delete any file that can't be deleted by Windows with ease. Free download:

Tips for Protecting Sensitive Files on Your PC

In recently days, privacy is getting more and more important, that is why we think you should at least be able to find some peace of mind on your own PC. And hiding files on your computer is the best way to protect your sensitive file. Wise Folder Hider Pro Professional File/Folder Hidden Tool Wise Folder Hider Pro is a file/folder hiding tool that can hide and password-protect your private data quickly and safely from the prying eyes in seconds. It is super secure and user-friendly Download now: Personal privacy is considered as one of the most important thing for us. Whether you are sharing a computer or are concerned about people who may have access to your machine, you may want to store some of your sensitive information in a safe place so that nobody can mess with it. After all, you are unwilling to make prying eyes snoop around in your confidential files. What is the best way to keep sensitive date files from prying ey

How to Diagnose a Computer Issue

We all have our ways to correct computer problems. Most of us probably have certain methods to go through. Moreover different environments will influence any troubleshooting methods, so your particular circumstances might dictate something. This article will tell you where to look for common problems. Wise System Monitor a free Windows utilities to monitor process, hardware and network traffic. Wise System Monitor is a free and easy-to-use windows system monitoring tool, helps to monitor process, hardware, network traffic, memory and other else. Download now: Diagnosing computer problems requires a great deal of patience and an eye for detail, couple with troubleshooting skills, logical thinking and an understanding of the equipment that you can use to assist you in fixing the problem at hand. Step 1: Check the post , the post will display any problems found with hardware that makes the computer unable to boot, post may also d

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from IE

When you spend a few minutes browsing on the Internet, you will be annoyed by some toolbars; these have no real purpose other than to deliver advertisements for their associated sites. So it is necessary to get rid of these unwanted toolbars. Wise Plugin Manager Browser Plugin Managing Tool Wise Plugin Manager is an efficient software used for turning on/off or deleting browser plugins. It is applicable to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Download : Have you installed toolbars for IE which you no longer need? Or do you simply need to use them on rare occasions? Toolbars can end up on your computer in various ways. The most common is when you install another piece of software and forget to untick the box for the additional toolbar installation. Don’t panic because we have got the solution. Please click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the window.  And then choose “ manage add-ons : from the menu

Things You Need to Know About Safe Mode

Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started. The words Safe Mode appear in the corners of your monitor to identify which Windows mode you're using. If an existing problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes. If you don't know the cause of the problem, you can use the process of elimination to help you find the problem. Try starting all of the programs you commonly use, including the programs in your Startup folder, one by one to see if a program might be the cause of the problem. If your computer automatically starts in safe mode without prompting, a problem with your computer might be preventing Windows from starting normally. If you think the cause of the problem might be a recently installed program or device, try using Recovery in Control Pa

How to prevent WiFi and Bluetooth interference?

Perhaps your problem may be your router? Some routers have an option to force it to only use one channel. Others have bluetooth interference protection settings. Play with the settings and see what causes less interference. WiFi, Bluetooth and other stuff are all jammed in the 2.4GHz band. If possible, switch to 5GHz on your WiFi. If not, try a different channel.Or get a 5GHz router ;) Read more:

How to block ads on chrome ?

AdBlock is The #1 ad blocker with over 200 million downloads and 40 million users. Blocks YouTube, Facebook and ads everywhere else on the web for your Google Chrome browser. STEPS: 1. search Google for AdBlock 2. click the link 3. click add to Chrome. That's it you're Done! have fun browsing with no Ads and enjoy no longer wasting your time. :) Read more:

Best Windows system optimizer - Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is the ideal method to make your computer run faster without any subsequent errors. With the help this effective tool you can optimize your machine as well as internet connection to its optimum functionality. This is actually the powerful and all-in-one system performance optimizer package. Very often due to large numbers of files, folders and various important documents in drives usually make computer too slow to function. Occasionally a low disk space warning appears when working with a computer to alert users to free some space on the drive. The standard reason is that with no adequate amount of space, the pc stops functioning properly, which implies the machine will run very slowly and may be at potential risk. In such circumstances it might be very difficult to operate the computer and wait around for long time to load the program or applications. If you are dissatisfied with your PC’s overall performance and are fed up with trying out ineffective convention

How to free up your phone?

1-update your phone firmware 2-reset your phone backup any important informations before this step 3-check the internal memory 4-search from google play for useful applications like juice defender give your battery life by stopping some services and applications cache cleaner 5-uninstall some unused applications READ MORE:

What do you think about the new browser Vivaldi‬‬?

Vivaldi is based on Google’s open source version of Chrome, called Chromium, and isn't any faster than Chrome, just very different. Like Chrome, it can gain power from extensions. But its aim is to offer so many features you won’t need extensions. one example is that it offers tab stack tiling which allows you to display your tabs in small windows within Vivaldi. this allows you to view multiple opened tabs simultaneously. It can be very handy to have two or three web pages side by side for comparison purposes. but it doesn't stop there Vivaldi say's that there are more than one million different ways to customize Vivaldi to be unique to your own needs. Vivaldi can also display an extra web page in the left side panel of the browser, a cool feature that is designed for sites like Twitter where it becomes handy to keep a column of tweets viewable while browsing the web. Without a doubt it's a browser intended for power users and it's not trying t

How to clean the CPU fan of my laptop?

Cleaning your laptop's fan requires opening up your device. I do not recommend opening up your laptop if you do not have enough experience on taking apart and building up pc devices. One wrong move may completely break your device having you ending up paying bigger for a repair or worse buying a new laptop. Also you may end up voiding your laptop's warrranty. Go to your nearest PC service center and have it cleaned up. It will only cost you $3-5 I think. But if you are confident on your mechanical skills then you may search up your PC's brand and model in google or youtube and I'm sure there is a video tutorial out there on how to take your device apart and clean the fan. Source from Euask :

What is the best vedio maker program for windows ?

If you are looking for a freeware, then I suggest Windows movie maker, but if you want something better there are many softwares around. I'd suggest you Pinnacle Studio (that offers you lots of or built-in effects, transitions and templates), if you want to go a little bit more seriously, there is Sony Vegas. They are both great in what they do, however, if that isn't still enough, you can go on a professional level with Adobe's software's like Premiere and After Effects, but they are expensive and require a fast computer to work well. So, if you want to make a video just four the pleasure of having it , Windows Movie Maker suites you, but if you want to make one that you'll be proud to show around, then definitely go on Pinnacle, Sony Vegas or even Adobe. Read more: 

Class Not Registered Error

Receive class not registered error when attempting to open hyperlinks in email. Also same message received when trying to open various applications on the start menu such as Windows Store. Have you made any changes to your computer prior to the issue? Method 1: Run SFC scan. System File Checker (sfc) scan will make Windows replace corrupt or missing system files on your computer. Steps to perform sfc scan: a. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator. b. Click Continue or supply Administrator credentials if prompted. c. In the Command Prompt window type the following, and press Enter: sfc /scannow Refer this KB article for more information: Method 2: Check if the issue persists in safe mode, to boot the computer in safe mode follow the below steps: a. Restart the computer and press and hold F8 key (Press and hold f8 key before the windows logo).

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi means The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. It’s capable of doing everything you’d expect a desktop computer to do, from browsing the internet and playing high-definition video, to making spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games. What’s more, the Raspberry Pi has the ability to interact with the outside world, and has been used in a wide array of digital maker projects, from music machines and parent detectors to weather stations and tweeting birdhouses with infra-red cameras. We want to see the Raspberry Pi being used by kids all over the world to learn to program and understand how computers work.   Read more: