3 Best Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Use Third-party system optimization tools
You could use Wise Care 365 to implement it
1.       Uninstall the software you do not use anymore. You could use Wise Program Uninstaller, this software can not only uninstall the software products, but also the residual registry and files.
2.       Manage startup apps
3.       Manage startup services
Check “Hide all Microsoft services”, you could disable all the third party services and it will not affect the boot of your computer.
4.       Manage context menu
5.       Clean the temporary files

6.       Defrag the disk

Other ways to improve the speed of system startup and the speed of system
1. For windows 7, you could run “no GUI boot” which will speed up the boot time 5 to 10 seconds.
Note: This method would do little to windows 10 system.
1)      Press win+R keys simultaneously, then input msconfig.
2)      Tap “Boot”
3)      Check ”No GUI boot”

2. If your computer has multiple operating systems, you could set default system and modify the time to display list of operating systems.
  1) Press win+Break keys simultaneously
  2) Tap “Advanced system settings”
  3) Tap “Advanced”-Startup and Recovery-Tap Settings
  4) Choose the primary operating system, then change the “Time to display list of operating systems” to 5~10 seconds. (The default time is 30 seconds, but 5~10 seconds is enough.)
3. Disable unnecessary BIOS startup procedures, such as power-on password and etc. This is highly recommended to hard core users. Otherwise you need to read the instruction manual before using this method.

4. If you are using 4GB ram or less, you could improve your system speed by disabling the system effects or increasing virtual memory, the best way to implement it is to add more physical memory to your computer.
 1) Press win+Break keys simultaneously to open System
 2) Tap “Advanced system settings”
 3) Tap “Settings” button under “Performance”
 4)Tap “Adjust for best performance” under “Visual Effects”, or you could adjust it based on demand.

 5) Tap “Change” button under “Advanced”
 6) Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers”
 7) Tap C: disk(If there is not enough space in C: disk, you could choose another disk.), choose “Custom size”
 8) The maximum size of virtual memory is double physical memory, The minimum size of virtual memory is Physical memory 1.5 times. Take 4 GB for example, the initial size is 6144 MB, the maximum size is 8192 MB.
 9) Tap “Set” button first, then tap “OK”

A Final point
Keep the system form virus. Install third party security software will reduce system startup speed, the included software Windows Defender  is powerful enough, which have real-time protection, features of checking and killing viruses and malware, it could also block and clean PUA procedures.


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