How to Prevent Windows 10 Restarts When You’re Actively Using It

Imagine that you’re in the deep state of flow on an important paper or project. You can feel all the jigsaw pieces falling into place. And, just then…
Windows decides to restart.
This isn’t random. Your Windows 10 machine is installing the latest updates and restarts because it needs to finish the process. And while it’s necessary, it can be extremely irritating because you wanted to get that important project finished right now. Fortunately, there’s a solution.
A feature in Windows 10, called Active Hours, gives you more control over when the operating system will consider it “okay” to restart.
With the help of Active Hours, you can prevent Windows from restarting when you’re working. As the name suggests, Active Hours is a block of time that you can set to let your PC know you’re using your device, so it won’t restart automatically during those times.
Setup only requires three simple steps.
Click the Start button and select Settings. Alternatively, use Windows key + I. Select Update & security from the options.
Windows Settings
Under Update settings, click on Change active hours to arrive at the next screen.

The description is easy to understand. Choose the start time and end time of the time range when you are working. Then select Save.

Do note that the maximum active length between the start time and the end time you can set is 12 hours. Any other time range is not allowed.


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