Do You Need to Upgrade to DDR4 RAM?

For the time being: not really.

In the case of gaming, the improvements DDR4 makes over its predecessor are minimal, at best (so far). It seems there simply aren’t enough AAA-titles out there that are primed to take full advantage out of what DDR4 can do right now. However, for professionals working with design programs like Photoshop, the decreased latency and response times could offer a visible improvement over the now-aging DDR3 and DDR3L standards.

If the main concern when building your next PC is making it as future-proof as possible, there aren’t many clear reasons why you wouldn’t opt for DDR4 over DDR3 in a Skylake-based configuration. That said, if you’ve recently built a PC with DDR3 or DDR3L using Haswell — or you’re looking to save some money on a new build — the increased cost of the other components may not be worth the effort.


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