How Do You Disable a Computer’s Hard Drive LED Light?

It is very bothersome to work with my Windows 10 laptop (a Dell Inspiron 5000 Series with an Intel Core i5) when there is a constant light flashing in my face. Is there a way to either edit the registry or the BIOS to stop the hard drive activity light from flashing?
Tape over it. Disregarding whether that is a good idea or not, the easiest way to disable the LED light is most likely opening your laptop case up and unplugging the LED ribbon cable. Barring that as a possibility, the next most practical solution would be placing tape (or an aesthetically pleasing sticker) over the LED light.
While it may be theoretically possible to modify chip firmware somewhere on your motherboard, there will not be an easy way to do so in a software setting because the engineers designing computers (for various reasons) believe that is a bad idea.


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