Why do Android manufacturers not allow users to root their devices?

Because people who don't know what they are doing will complain to the manufactorer or even worse to everybody else about the stupid manufacturer when they cannot figure out how to flash their phone or if they succeed how to solve any problems they experience with the new rom.

Rooting allows any program to make any change on your device. This can install unwanted programs if you do not know all the details about the particular program which can cause havoc on your device and even make it unusable. It is mainly for the protection of the client and avoid the company handling too many problems of fixing your device again.

I could imagine that the manufacturers do not allow this to prevent a manipulation of the software which could cause an abuse of the warranty. So if it was allowed to root the phone and the phone gets rooted and someone changes anything which results a total breakdown of the Android OS, the person would have the right to use his warranty, because it was not forbidden.

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