How to relieve anxiety?

1. Get enough sleep.

2. Smile more.

3. De-clutter the brain - Physical clutter = mental clutter. A messy workspace can make it more difficult to relax and make it seem like our work is never-ending. So take 15 minutes or so to tidy up the living space or work area, and then make a habit of keeping things clean and anxiety-free. It’ll help us think rationally, and there won’t be as much room for anxiety.

4. Express gratitude. Studies have found expressing gratitude helps reduce anxiety, especially when we’re well-rested.

5. Eat right.

6. Learn to breathe - A useful tool to prevent panic attacks, the breath is also a great marker of where your anxiety level is at throughout the day. Short, shallow breaths signify stress and anxiety in the brain and body. On the flip side, consciously breathing, plus lengthening and strengthening the breath helps send signals to the brain that it’s okay to relax

7. Create a vision board - If the future seems big and scary, try changing the thoughts about what lies ahead.

8. Play around - Kids and animals seem to have an innate ability to play, without stressing about their overflowing inboxes.

9. Be silent - Plan for a time when you can completely disconnect.

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