How can I get rid of this junk site?

Do not make it active if you already have an Antivirus program.

You open SAS from desktop icon. When it loads, SAS icon appears on lower right (taskbar). One Right Clicks that to implement SAS functions: Update, Use the System Investigator from System Tools and Programs, Close using right click too so it does not knock heads with your usual Antivirus.

I suggest using Right Click on desktop SAS icon too, to Open as Administrator.

SAS removes those pesky Tracking Cookies too.

I believe this will fix your PC assuming you can delve into and use it wisely, BUT should you need to ask question again, specify exactly what Microsoft OS you have and what Window Internet Explorer.

WiseCare 365 is for doing other things, routine upkeep to free PC of unnecessary files and keep OS & App software access in order. It does that well, very worth having.

SAS removes malware and adware / spyware without harming your PC. Removes lots of malicious programs and viruses. Be sure to UPDATE it after installing.

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