How to Clean Up Junk Files off Your PC Automatically

What is junk files?
So-called "junk files" include temporary program data, unused internet or other cache files, improperly removed programs, and related material.  Junk files can not only take up storage space, but also slow down your computer.

How to delete junk files automatically
There is an all-in-one system tune up tool can get the thing done. Its name is Wise Care 365. It can take care of your computer every day. Setting a schedule task will save you a lot of time. You don’t need to launch the program manually. This tool gives you five schedule choices. Daily, weekly, monthly, on idle or after bootup. Silent mode is a specific feature for Pro version user.
 After selecting silent mode, it will be launched and do the cleaning job in the background and will not interrupt you.

Not only remove junk files
In addition to removing junk files, The PC checkup function also fix registry errors, clean up traces and protect your privacy by easing personal data.
Try Wise Care 365:


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