FAQ about Wise Data Recovery

How to use Wise Data Recovery to recover my lost photos?

Open Wise data recovery folder->select the drive in which the lost files are->click Scan->find the folder at the left column->select those photos needed to be recovered on right column->Click Recover button
Or, type in the file extension in search field on the right of header area-----find those photos to be recovered-----Click Recover button

Does Wise Data Recovery can recover my SD card files?

Wise Data Recovery can recover kinds of devices, local disk, USB disk, memory card, removable devices and so on, only requirement is the file system must be NTFS or FAT.

What is “Good”, ”Poor”, ”Very Poor” and ”Lost” in the scan result?

Wise Data Recovery can find out many lost files from your device, but not all of them can be recovered.
Good: the file can be recovered
Poor: the file probably be recovered
Very Poor: the file is hard to recovered
Lost: the file cannot be recovered

What types of files can be recovered by Wise Data Recovery?

Wise Data Recovery can recover many types of files, photos/images (bmp, jpg, gif etc.), documents (Word, Excel, Text etc.), emails, audios, videos, archives etc.


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