FAQ about Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner clean mode and classic mode have different scan result. Why?

In Classic mode, Disk Cleaner only scan items that you selected. In Clean mode, it will scan all items, but you will see only default items are selected, it means if you click Clean button, it only clean those default selected items, even though some items have scan result (e.g., Cookies).

Why is my C drive size more and more lower, does Wise Disk Cleaner can help me?

Every time you suffer internet, edit document, run a program, remove files into Recycle Bin, even if you don’t do anything only start system, system will create temp files/trash files in C drive. If you don’t clean them, the drive C space will more and more slower.
Wise Disk Cleaner can help you clean these trash files/temp files, browser cache files, Recycle Bin, etc. to free up your C drive space.

Why are the same files always listed in the result table each time?

Some files can't be deleted because they are in use and usually locate in Windows' temporary folders or the users' temporary folders. When clean is done Wise Disk Cleaner will tell you how many files can't be deleted? If you want to delete these files, the recommendation is/ we recommend you to run Wise Disk Cleaner in safe mode to make sure it is safe to delete these files.


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