FAQ about Wise Registry Cleaner

How to create or restore system restore point in Wise Registry Cleaner v9?

Please open Wise Registry Cleaner v9, click Menu - Backup, then you can create system restore point or full registry backup. Or click Restore, you can choose to restore registry or system restore point.

An error occurs: Failure to restore.

When we do registry defrag, we may receive this error message. The reason is the security software (antivirus software) is protecting registry, blocking wise registry cleaner to defragment registry.
Solution: temporarily disable security software. (Uncheck registry protection option). If you cannot do it, please email to support@wisecleaner.com

Is it safe using Wise Registry Cleaner to clean registry?

Yes, it is.
Wise Registry Cleaner has the auto-backup feature. When you click Clean button, Wise Registry Cleaner will back up those be removed registry automatically, then remove them. If one program cannot work well after cleaning, you can restore registry to fix it.


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