Unable to execute file in the temporary. Setup aborted. Error 87

Start from September 2020, we have received some feedback from users that they cannot install WiseCleaner, including Wise Care 365, Wise Registry Cleaner, and other products. They all received an error message while installing "Unable to execute file in the temporary. Setup aborted. Error 87: The parameter is incorrect."

With the help of these users, after analysis and testing, we found that they all install and use Panda Dome which identifies WiseCleaner products as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP/WiseCleaner) and removes WiseCleaner to Quarantine, leaving users unable to install any WiseCleaner products.


We tried to contact Panda Security to fix this issue, but they never gave us positive respond. We have to announce that WiseCleaner will not compatible with Panda Dome.

If anyone can help us contact Panda Security to resolve this false positive, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Fortunately, Panda Dome only prevents the installation of WiseCleaner (the installer extracts the content to the system temporary folder, such as WiseCare365_5.5.8.553.tmp, while Panda Dome detects WiseCare365_5.5.8.553.tmp as a PUP), but nothing prevents the main program of WiseCleaner from running.

If you have installed Panda Dome and will install WiseCleaner, please refer to Solution to the incompatibility between WiseCleaner and Panda Security.


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