Solution for Compatibility issue between WiseCleaner and Malwarebytes

A few months ago, we have received some feedback from users. Malwarebytes and his partner AdwCleaner consider some registry key, files, folders of WRC as threats and lead users to remove them.
Today, Malwarebytes 3 did it worse, block more wisecleaner products, even blocked user to browse wisecleaner official website.
We tried to contact Malwarebytes to fix this issue, but they never gave us positive respond. We had to announced Malwarebytes cannot compat with WiseCleaner.
For wisecleaner user, if you have already installed or will install Malwarebytes, please follow below steps to manual fix compatibility issue between WiseCleaner and Malwarebytes.

1, Disable Real-Time Protection
If you are using Malwarebytes Premium, and the Real-Time Protection is enabled, please disable it firstly.
2, Add Exclusions
Settings - Exclusions - Add Exclusion - choose Exclude a Website - enter, click OK to save. Repeat the steps to add exclude another wisecleaner IP address
3, If your WiseCleaner product has been removed by Malwarebytes, please download and reinstall it.
4, Run Malwarebytes and scan system
When Scan finish, uncheck all wisecleaner entries, click Next button. There are 3 buttons, choose Ignore always. All these wisecleaner entries will be added to exclusion list.
5, Enable Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection.
6, Register Wise Care 365 again.


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