Having Start Menu or Cortana Issues? Use the Start Menu Troubleshooter

The Windows Start Menu returned from the cold in Windows 10 and got a ticker tape parade. Yes, it’s great in its own way — plus, now there’s Cortana to play with and all the colorful tiles above it.
But even the best of things can catch bugs. The Start Menu has its own share and you’ve probably run into a few of them yourself. The good news, if you are still not aware of it, is that Microsoft has a dedicated Start Menu troubleshooter for Windows 10 that can automatically fix any such Start Menu problems.

Launch the Start Menu Troubleshooter

Browse to the Microsoft Support pages. Drill down to the section that says, “Troubleshoot problems opening the Start menu or Cortana”. Try the Start menu troubleshooter by downloading the startmenu.diagcab file via the link.
It takes a second to download the Start Menu troubleshooter. Here’s the first screen.
Windows 10 Start Menu
It’s always advisable to check the problems first and then apply the fixes instead of giving the program full-control. So, in the above screen, click on Advanced > deselect Apply repairs automatically.
Click on Next.
The troubleshooter starts the scan on your system. Give it some time to detect any problems with your Start Menu. If any problems or errors are found, they will be displayed, and you can try to fix them manually. The problem checker commonly looks at problems with installed programs, faulty registry keys, or the integrity of the tile database.

As in my case, the troubleshooter couldn’t find a problem. It gave me a “Troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem message” and offered two choices — give feedback on the troubleshooter or close the tool. Not very helpful.
You check the problem areas scanned by the tool with a click on View detailed information.

Did your start menu ever throw up a bug? There are other ways to fix your start menu. But it’s worthwhile to remember that Windows 10 has a tool that you can use as the first shot.



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