Find Duplicate Files using Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise Duplicate Finder facilitates user to locate and remove unnecessary duplicates, free up user’s disk space.
Wise Duplicate Finder uses advance file scanning mechanism to scan all duplicate files from Windows. It assists user in detecting dupe multimedia files, emails, or documents, and deleting them for good to free up storage space.
Wise Duplicate Finder is a lightweight application. It not only supports all Windows operating systems, but also supports more than 30 languages.

Software features:

1.     It can analyze the entire computer or just a specific folder. Or just search for 0 byte files.
2.     There are three match methods to choose. Each mode takes different time to scan and gets different results.
3.     Allows user to find copies by file formats. For example, you can just search duplicate songs.
4.       Remove all copies with just one click.

5.       Backup and Restore function. Never worry about losing the wrong file by mistake.


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