How to Run Programs Under Another Account

Now that you have two accounts, you can run programs under whichever account you choose. If you open a program from the Start Menu, it opens under your account by default. To launch it as your second user, find it on the Start Menu, right-click, and choose More > Open File Location.

Next, hold Shift while you right-click on the icon of your desired program in the resulting File Explorer window. Click Run as different user in the dialogue and you’ll see a login box asking you to sign in with another account. Enter the login info you just created, and the app will launch under that account instead.
In our testing, we found that using this method to open an app that you already have open just opens a new window under your own account. To get around this, use the Run as a different user command before you open the program normally. When we did this, Skype opened a “please sign in” window first and then opened to our account page when we launched it normally afterwards.


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