Finding Duplicate Files with Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise DuplicateFinder is a fast and accurate Windows duplicate file and photo search tool that helps you find and delete duplicate files and photos. Wise Duplicate Finder can analyze the entire computer or just a specific folder and search for files with similar or identical content. You can narrow your search results by comparing your file name and size, partial match or complete match to your own needs.

In addition, there are also user-defined keywords in the Advanced Settings setting that contain the file criteria (image, audio, video, file, zip, and email), the minimum or maximum file size, or the file name. You can also exclude the entire folder from the search or use the Wise Duplicate Finder to find the 0-byte group file.

Wise Duplicate Finder can help you search for duplicate files, photos, emails, videos, audio, and archive files in the specified location. It provides four comparison modes: a, in line with the file name and size; b, part of the content in line with; c, complete content match; d, only to find 0-byte file. It helps you delete duplicate files and leave only one. When you delete duplicate files, Wise Duplicate Finder can automatically back up them, and you can restore them at any time.

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