Solution for Wise Registry Cleaner being reported as a PUP and blocked by antivirus

Recently, we have received some feedback from users. Malwarebytes and his partner AdwCleaner consider some registry key, files, folders of WRC as threats and lead users to remove them. The threat is called PUP.Optional.WiseRC. Once you click the "Next" button, Wise Registry Cleaner will be removed by them. You need to reinstall Wise Registry Cleaner and register it again (if you are using Pro version).

What is PUP.Optional.WiseRC?

PUP is potentially unwanted software.  We didn't find the explanation of PUP.Optional.WiseRC on MalwarebytesLABS. The Following is an example of another threat PUP.Optional.Wajam.

PUP.Optional.Wajam and all associated detection names refer to a type of Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is a browser add-on marketed as a “social search.” It injects additional adverts into the websites you visit, making it possible to redirect traffic to potentially malicious websites, as well as collect personal information.

Is Wise Registry Cleaner malware?

If the installation filename of WRC you downloaded is WRCFree.exe, Spyhunter will be recommended during the installation process. But as you know, we just recommend not force user to install Spyhunter. There is a clear button "Decline" which can allow you to cancel the recommended installation and continue to install WRC.

How to solve it?

If you are using Malwarebytes, please uncheck the boxes beside all the threats of WRC, then click "Next" and select "Ignore always".
If you are using AdwCleaner, you need to uncheck the items of wisecleaner before scanning.
You can just reinstall WRC if it is removed by them accidentally.


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