How to Move a Window Pixel-by-Pixel in Windows 10

Have you ever had a window move off the screen so that the title bar disappears and you can’t move it back? Sometimes this problem fixes itself, but sometimes it doesn’t — even after rebooting!
The quick answer is this: select the window and press Alt + Space to bring up the window’s menu. Select Move and your cursor will change to one that indicates that you can now drag the window however you want.
If you want precision control of how the window moves, you can use the Arrow keys instead of dragging with the mouse. This is a much better option when you just want to scoot the window over by a little bit.
But it turns out that this method doesn’t actually move the window one pixel at a time, so sometimes it’s impossible to line everything up exactly the way you want it. So what can you do?
The quick answer is this: hold down the Ctrl key while using the Arrow keys. It’s as simple as that. This makes it so that the window literally moves one pixel in the given direction every time you press an Arrow key.

When you’re done, all you have to do is hit Enter to lock the window to its new position. If you want to reset the position back to what it was before moving, press Escape instead.


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