How to schedule your computer to shut down

Do you always forget to turn off your computer before going to bed, or just want the computer to automatically shut down after some tasks are completed?

Using shutdown command is not convenient enough and not everyone knows how to use the command. There is a practical and simple program can easily manage the shutdown task. It is Wise Auto Shutdown. 

It can not only let the computer shut down at a certain time, but also let your computer restart, log off, sleep or power off at a certain time. Daily task is suitable for people who have the same needs every day. But I think it is also necessary to add a weekly task function. Another option is on idle. What is on idle? The user is considered absent if there is no keyboard or mouse input during this period of time. The computer is considered idle if all the processors and all the disks were idle for more than 90% of the last detection interval. According to this software, CPU occupancy rate must be less than 10% and there is no keyboard and mouse input during idle time. In addition, there will be a reminder displayed before the task is executed. You can choose to cancel or delay scheduled tasks.

It is really easy to use. Give it a try:


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