Why is my computer hard drive always full?

Why is my computer hard drive always full? 

How can i free up some space? I have deleted everything from download file, movie file, music file, photo file. Why is all my space gone? Is there a way I can find out where all this data is at?
because things still get hidden that you cant see to delete I recommend going to wisecleaner.com and get the free wise care 365 and the wiseregcleaner this will find things you need to get rid of also get malwarebytes also get Iobit malware fighter 2 and advanced systemcare 7 but when using advanced systemcare 7 make sure you have no flash drives in and no dvds or cds in the computer all these will clean your computer and protect I hope this helped you and for all of these programs to find activation keys put in the name in your browser and put activation key another words put wisecare 365 activation key and things will pop up saying download to get the key do NOT download anything keep looking until you see activation code sometimes they will put them in youtube videos they will work some wont but you can contact me again at shyrobi@live.com for other questions I hope I helped you all these programs I mentioned are free but to get higher grade then look for the activation keys you will find them trust JUST DONT DOWN LOAD anything to get the keys.
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