How to fix Flash problems?

How do I fix this message on my Computer, message below?
"Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date,"

You seem to have a very old version of Chrome. It should be 43.x at least.
Also make sure it starts automatically updating. Error 1 suggests the update service is missing from your computer. Reinstalling should fix this. Check the About page after reinstalling and it should have no error, instead showing it is up to date. If you still see the error you should try to resolve it... Goolging around might produce possible fixes.

If all else fails, uninstalling ALL Google products from your PC will force an uninstall of the Google Update tool; reinstalling Chrome (and anything else removed) will reinstall it from scratch which should ultimately fix the issue. I recommend get the chrome installer from official website of google. third party websites sometimes gives old versions of installer.

For firefox, update your firefox browser and visit on official website to get the updated version of adobe flash.

open this link below to get the latest version for your firefox and other web browsers. open this link below :-->



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