Wise Disk Cleaner or CCleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is the only one I know that removes Windows update left-overs and other Windows junk (Slim Down System). It's also way faster than CCleaner with CCEnhancer. That's why I use CCleaner once a week only, cleaning everything plus the browser cache and cookies and Wise Disk Cleaner every day at the end of the session but not cleaning the browser cache and cookies (you don't want to do that every day). So the true power of Wise Disk Cleaner lies in the user personalized settings. For instance if you use Photoscape, the popular photo editor, you must have noticed that this program creates it's own thumbnail format which is named "photothumb.db". Well these files will pile up on your computer and you might want to clean them sometime. Easy: just go to the Advanced Cleaning settings of Wise Disk Cleaner and add this type of file: photothumb.db. The next time you scan your drives Wise Disk Cleaner will look for these files and will delete them. Do the same for any other program and you got personalization power beyond the scope of CCEnhancer. Notice that I use both so I'm not favoring any program. Each to it's own!



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