How to Use a Pen Drive as RAM ?

Today i will be showing you a small trick of How to use a pen drive as RAM for making your computer work faster. Nowadays our computers sound slow to us when we run some new and heavy applications which consume most of the RAM. Some programs/software or games specify the requirements with the necessary RAM needed to run successfully on a computer.

So to make your computer fast for some time , you can use one of your resources – your pen drive as a RAM. Here i show you the some simple steps to follow for easily making your computer work faster.

Steps to use pen drive as RAM in Windows XP
1. Plug in your pen drive.
2. Right click on ” My Computer ”
3. Then click on ” Advance Tab ”
4. Now click on ” settings ” in performance
5. Now click on ” Advance ” and then ” change ”
6. Now browse and select your pen drive you want to use as RAM.
7. Then click on ” Custom size ”
8. Click on ” set ” and then on ” OK “.

After following all the above steps restart your PC and you are ready to use your pen drive as RAM for your Windows XP PC.

Steps to use pen drive as RAM in Windows 7 / 8
1. Plug a pen drive in your computer
2. Right click on it and choose Properties
3. Then in properties window click on Ready Boost Tab
4. Then click on use this device
5. Set the space to reserve for system(preferably to max.)
6. Finally click on OK.

Now your pen drive will work as a RAM for your computer.

Warning – While using pen drive as RAM do not pull it out otherwise your system will crash.

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