How to get cash in Euask

How to get cash in Euask?  Users could finish beginner tasks or an answer is chosen as the best one. Go to post questions. Euask will pay the rewords.
When users setup an Euask account, they’d like to know how to enjoy the fun of the new question-and-answer forum.
Upon a new user activate the Euask account successfully, he/she will get 2$ rewards. What’s more, a new user will be given a good chance to have more rewards. Euask value all users. It’s not easy to have friends gathered here through the unlimited virtual world of internet. Please don’t surprise if someone is eager to kick off his/her Euask journey because of  this warm welcome.
Being a beginner, the new user will be assigned 5 tasks to do. At least 4 of them are very easy-doing, like uploading a profile photo or asking a question in forum etc. This is somehow to be encouraged to go deeper with the forum. It’s strongly suggested not to miss out any one of them since these rewards are the easiest to win.
After activating the account successfully, please don’t forget to follow the instructions to share Euask link in the social media like face book, twitter and Google +. If any new registered user coming from a shared link, the one who post it will get rewards.
If not being a beginner any more, what are the regular ways to get rewards then? The long-term and on-going method is trying to answer questions as more as possible because the user only could get points when his/her reply is chosen as the best answer by the poster of the question. Sometime it needs some luck to meet the poster’s taste.
Don’t complain for not being recognized by the posters. Everyone could judge and decide where the rewards going. If  an user post a question in Euask, he/she will be the decider for which answer being chosen as the best. All the questions forwarded by users will be attached automatically some points and dollars by Euask system. It’s no need to worry about the payment at all. It’s Euask who will pay the claimed money for users and users just need to think about how to post a nice question to get more replies.
On next article, the exciting cash and gift part will be detailed.
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