5 Ways to Remove / Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Everyone knows how to install a software in Windows system, simply double click the installer, then click Next, Next until it is finished. But if you don't keep your eyes on each step, some unwanted programs may be installed during the process. Once you find these unknown installed programs, I highly recommend to remove them.

Do you know how to uninstall/remove a program from Windows? There are 5 normal methods:
  • Run uninstall wizard in Start menu
  • Run uninstall wizard from the application folder
  • Via Control Panel to remove the application
  • Run Command line
  • Use Wise Program Uninstaller
Okay, I will use QuickTime as an example to show how to use these 5 different methods to remove an application.

Method 1, Use Wise Program Uninstaller (Highly Recommended)

Used uninstall wizard to remove an application, it may leave some files and registry entries that we don't know. To completely uninstall a program (clean all associated files and registry entries), we need to use the best unintall tool - Wise Program Uninstaller.
1, Open Wise Program Uninstaller (you can download Wise Program Uninstaller from WiseCleaner Download Center), then you will find it lists all installed applications in your system clearly.

2, Scroll to find QuickTime, or we can type keywords quicktime to locate it quickly.

3, Click Safe Uninstall, uninstall wizard starts to uninstall QuickTime

4, After uninstallation, Wise Program Uninstaller will start to scan system, list QuickTime leftovers include files, folders and registry entries.

5, Now, we can check all listed items and click Clean to remove them completely. 


Method 2, Via Control Panel (The most commonly used)

From earlier Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 system, user can remove installed program safely via Control Panel, but there is minor difference to access Control Panel in different OS.
Windows XP:
Click Start icon, then select Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs, choose a program you want to remove, and click Remove.

Windows vista/7:
Click Start icon, then select Control Panel, click Uninstall a Program under Programs. Choose a program you want to remove, and click Uninstall on the top. 

Windows 8/8.1:
Press Win + I to open Settings bar, then click Control Panel, click Uninstall a Program under Programs. Choose a program you want to remove, and click Uninstall on the top.

Windows 10:
Press Win + i to open Settings window, then click Apps, here you can see all installed applications, choose a program you want to remove, and click Uninstall

Method 3, Run uninstall wizard in Start menu

Click Start (left lower of desktop) or press Win key to open start menu, find QuickTime and expand it, then you can see Uninstall QuickTime, click it to run uninstall wizard.

Unfortunately, not all applications add uninstall wizard in Start menu. If you cannot find it, you need to try Method 1, 2, 4, 5.

Method 4, Run uninstall wizard in application folder

If you don’t know where QuickTime is installed, just need to find the QuickTime shortcut (Desktop or Start menu), right click it, choose Open file location, the application folder will be opened. You will usually find its uninstall wizard here.

Unfortunately, a few applications don't display uninstall wizard in its folder, like QuickTime. If you cannot find an uninstall wizard, you can try Method 1, 2, 3, 5.

Method 5, Run command line

This method is only for tech guys, if you are computer newbie, please do not try this one.
1, Press Win+R, type cmd to open Command Prompt

2, type the first command: wmic
3, type the second command: product list
This command will list all installed programs. Let's find QuickTime and remember its Identifying Number.
Tips: You can select Identifying Number, press Ctrl+C to copy it.
4, open another Command Prompt window, type: msiexec /x{Identifying Number}
This command will run uninstall wizard to uninstall QuickTime.

If the above 5 common methods cannot uninstall/remove an application, you need a more powerful way to Forcibly Uninstall a stubborn program.


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