Keep Device Drivers Update with Wise Driver Care

Wise Driver Care scans your system for outdated drivers, and then downloads and installs the latest versions, improving the performance of your computer. As we know, missing, obsolete, or corrupt drivers have a bad effect on performance and cause hardware issues such as poor performance of speakers or Wi-Fi failures.

To keep the update up to date, and with new drivers working well, Wise Driver Care recommends only those drivers that are Microsoft Certified (Windows Hardware Quality Labs). The application displays the full driver name, version number, and size of the installation file. In addition, the program allows you to create system restore points before the update, so that you can always restore the previous state. The Pro version not only can free download drivers, driver updates, but also can remove unnecessary leftovers from uninstalled, old drivers with one click.

Features and functions of Wise Driver Care:

- Scanning the system with a report on installed drivers and already unnecessary balances from previous installations with the possibility of removal;
- report on available newer versions of drivers with the option of their quick installation;
- forced installation of drivers;
- backup / restore drivers installed using the Wise Care Driver;
- the function of detecting equipment and tools to eliminate the problems with the network and sound.

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