Wise Force Deleter - Delete Any File That Windows Can’t Delete

Sometimes, some files are stuck on the desktop or other folders and can’t be deleted, due to uncompleted installation or uninstallation or some malware.  Then how to deal with it?

In normal case, they can be deleted after reboot. If not, then we have to spend time finding out which software occupies these files. If you can’t solve this problem quickly, you can try freeware Wise Force Deleter to remove the stubborn files.

Wise Force Deleter is a free file deletion utility that fix files cannot be deleted in the traditional way. It will work perfectly when resolving issues with the "Cannot delete file: Access denied" message. The application tries to end the processes that use the target file, and then tries to delete the file.

Wise Force Deleter unlocks currently used files by making small system changes. It then automatically removes the unlocked data from the hard drive. The program is easy to use. Just add the file to the program and press the "Unlock & Delete" button. Wise Force Deleter will unblock it and safely remove it from the operating system.


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