Hide OneDrive in Windows 10

OneDrive is built in to Windows 10, so it can't be uninstalled. But you can hide it and stop the sync process, so it stays hidden. To do this, turn off all the OneDrive settings and remove the OneDrive folder from File Explorer.
  1. In the Notifications area on the bottom of the Windows screen, right-click the OneDrive icon. You might have to click the Show Hidden Icons arrow to find OneDrive.
    OneDrive app in System Tray
  2. Click Settings, and on the Settings tab, uncheck all the boxes under General.
  3. On the Auto save tab, set the Documents and Pictures lists to This PC only, and uncheck the other boxes.
  4. On the Account tab, click Choose folders.
  5. In the Sync your OneDrive files to this PC box, check and uncheck the box at Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive. (The first check selects all the boxes, then the uncheck clears them all.) Click OK to close the box and return to settings.
    This step removes all OneDrive files from your computer, but leaves them on OneDrive.com.
  6. Click OK to save your changes in the Settings box.
  7. Open the Settings box again: In the Notifications area, right-click the OneDrive icon, click Settings. On the Account tab, click Unlink OneDrive. Close the Welcome to OneDrive box that appears.
  8. Open File Explorer, right-click OneDrive, and then click Properties.
    On the General tab, next to Attributes, check the Hidden box. This hides OneDrive from File Explorer.
  9. One more time, back in the Notifications area, right-click the OneDrive icon and click Exit. This removes the OneDrive icon from the Notifications area.


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