Free Up Your Disk Space with Wise Disk Cleaner

Running low on disk space--but don't want to delete songs from your precious music collection? Wise Disk Cleaner trolls your computer for files you won't miss, such as temporary and index files. Instead of cleaning only preprogrammed folders, it scans your whole hard drive and deletes files by their extensions, finding files that other cleaners may miss.

After a few minutes scanning on my Windows 10 laptop, it promised to remove a whopping 12 GB of data, almost 10% of the hard drive. It seems scary at first to delete such a large amount of information, but there is a handy option to remove files to the Recycle Bin first so they can be restored in case of computer breakdown. Alternatively, you can set the program to be more selective and delete fewer files.  

Furthermore, you can free even more disk space with the Slimming System feature, which finds junk files in Windows Installer Baseline Cache, Help Files, as well as Wallpaper files. For increased performance, you can also start a defragmentation process on any connected storage device.

The application prides itself with a modern, flat interface. It's pretty visually appealing, with elements cleverly stored in the main window and clearly visible. An upper toolbar lets you quickly access all of its four major features, Common Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, Slimming System and Disk Defrag.  The interface lets anyone quickly accommodate and it manages to do a pretty good job overall.


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