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Wise Hotkey Returns That “One Key Press Does the Job” Feeling

WiseCleaner releases a new Windows hotkey manager - Wise Hotkey. The program allows a user to quick launch any app, folder or website in a blink with just one press of the keyboard shortcut.

Despite ever evolving operating systems, applications and technologies, users seem to still struggle to fulfill their everyday tasks easier and faster. Many apps around promise to solve such and such job in one click, one tap, one key press etc., but only few of them really do.
Wise Hotkey, a new app by system utility software market leader, the WiseCleaner company, is definitely keeps its word. The tool allows a user to quick launch any application, open any folder, switch to any task or open any website in literally one press of a shortcut. How is that? The secret is the unique customized shortcuts that can be assigned to apps, folders or internet resources.
Having spared a few minutes on setup, the user then receives a way to press, say Alt+1 and instantly switch (or run) the selected application. The same way Wise Hotkey deals with folders and URLs. It goes without saying, such technique greatly boosts productivity if multiple apps are involved in the job. Conveniently, on the first launch the program scans the system for installed applications, so whenever a user needs to assign a hot key, he simply picks the app, instead of looking for its executable.
“With today’s emphasis to mouse and touch interfaces, it is amazing to see how rapid the keyboard-powered work can be”, says Ivan Cooper, a marketing manager at WiseCleaner. “Wise Hotkey brings back that a little rusty feeling when you just press a key and instantly see the result.”
Wise Hotkey supports Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions).
WiseCleaner is a developer of system utility solutions. The company was founded in 2005 by 3 devoted programmers. After 12 years the company is a reputable player on the system utility software market with 15+ system care and performance products including the flagship solution – Wise Care 365.


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