Is a Solid State Drive for You?

Is an SSD for you? Check all that apply and get ready to bust out your credit card:

You want nearly instant boot times: You can go from a cold boot to browsing the web in a matter of seconds with an SSD; the same window is often minutes with a traditional HDD.
You want extremely fast access for general applications and gaming: We’ve said it many times already but SSDs are blistering fast.
You want a quieter and less power hungry computer: As highlighted above, SSDs are silent and use significantly less power.
You’re able to use two drives; one for your OS and one for your media: Unless you’re storing just a handful of family pictures and a CD rip or two, you’ll need a more affordable traditional HDD to store your big files.
You’re willing to pay a significant premium for the benefits of rocking an SSD: This is the biggest one by far as the premium per GB is currently around 3000%. While the performance increase is enormous 3000% more per GB is nothing to sneeze at.

If your checklist looks more full than empty and you scoff at a mere 3000% premium in exchange for rocking the speediest disk around, congratulations an SSD is for you!


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