How to Disable Firefox Hello Completely

Firefox Hello is a video-chat service created by Mozilla. It uses the WebRTC specification to provide video and voice conversations that don’t require any plug-ins, just your browser and web technologies without any additional software. You get a link you have to provide to the other participant — even user accounts aren’t required.

To disable Firefox Hello completely, you’ll need to change a hidden setting on the advanced about:config page. To access it, type “about:config” into Firefox’s address bar (without the quotes), press Enter, and agree to the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” prompt. Be careful with the settings you change here.

Type “loop.enabled” into the filter box at the top of the list of settings. You’ll see a “loop.enabled” preference which is set to “true” by default. Double-click it and it will be set to “false”.

Close and reopen Firefox and Firefox Hello will be completely disabled. To reenable it in the future, visit about:config and double-click the “loop.enabled” preference to set it back to “true”.



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