How to clean up junk files on your disk

Wise Disk Cleaner can free up disk space by deleting junk files such as temporary files, log files, index files and backup files.

Step 1: When Wise Disk Cleaner is launched, the main interface will be displayed.
Step 2: Please select the item you want to scan according to your own needs such as junk files in windows system, trash created while surfing the internet and temporary files created by multimedia.
Step 3: Here you will find the list of useless and junk files after scanning.
Step 4: At last, please click “Start Cleaning” to clean up the useless and junk files.
Wise Disk Cleaner is designed to clean up useless and junk files. What’s more, Wise Disk Cleaner can do much more for your PC with its other features such as advanced cleaner, slimming system and disk defrag.


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