3 Ways to Start Windows 7 in Safe Mode

Sometimes we need to boot into Windows Safe Mode, which is a stripped-down version of the Windows system, loading only the most essential files and drivers. It’s a method of eliminating as many variables as possible, and to ensure that the issue doesn’t originate at this most basic level. It is also a great place to scan for virus, for instance.

How to boot into Windows Safe Mode? There are 3 ways to start Windows 7 in safe mode.
1, Use System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe)
2, Press F8 Before the Windows 7 Splash Screen
3, Boot from installation drive

1, Use System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe)

If you can boot into Windows successfully, this is the easiest way to get into Windows 7 system Safe Mode.
1) Press Win + R, type msconfig.exe to open System Configuration

2) Click or tap Boot tab
3) Tick Safe boot option
4) Click OK to save the changes

The next time you reboot Windows 7, it will go straight into the Safe Mode.

2, Press F8 Before the Windows 7 Splash Screen

It is the most common way to get into the safe mode, whether you can login desktop or not.
1) Turn on or restart your PC, just before the Windows 7 splash screen appears, tap F8 key rapidly to enter Advanced Boot Options, in which you can choose to boot into safe mode.
2) Press Down arrow in keyboard to choose Safe Mode, and press Enter key after that.  

Then, the system will auto restart or boot into safe mode

3, Boot from installation drive

In this way we need a Windows 7 installation disc.
1) When you see the first screen of the setup wizard, click Next
2) Click Repair your computer in the lower left corner of the screen

3) Tick the 1st option, and click Next

4) Select Command Prompt

5) Type this command bcdedit / set {default} safeboot minimal, and press Enter

6) If you see “The operation completed successfully”, close Command Prompt, and click Restart.

Then Windows 7 system will restart and enter safe mode automatically.

More information about Windows 7 Advanced Options Safe Mode can refer Microsoft website.


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