WiseCleaner Launches Wise Anti Malware for PC users

WiseCleaner continues to grow its PC solutions with the launch of Wise Anti Malware. The software offers real-time protection from not only viruses and malware, but also against programs like adware being embedded in web browsers, unrequested toolbars, or changes to the homepage. It allows individuals to use PCs safely and securely with minimal impact on system performance.

Wise Anti Malware guards your PC from viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, phishing, spyware and potentially unwanted applications/programs (PUA/PUP). These unwanted programs can offer a way in for attackers, so it’s important to have complete control over PC activity. The software lets users configure policies to suit their preferences by allowing or removing selected applications anytime.

Compatible with Windows 10 Defender and previous versions of Windows for PCs — it has three shields — Malware; to detect and block malware threats, Adware; to protect and block AD windows, and Registry; to detect and prevent programs from adding new startup items into the registry. Its user-friendly interface prevents confusion and enables fast, easy set-up. [Read the full news]

You can learn more details of Wise Anti Malware from WiseCleaner official website.


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