Wise Reminder - Manage Your Schedule as a Memo

Wise Reminder is a simple program, through which we will not forget about upcoming events. This tool can be used at work or in daily life.

The interface of Wise Reminder is easy-to-use and simple. On the left side, you will find two tabs, which allow you to see the list of completed and unfinished tasks. On the right side, there is a list of duties that we have already done or should do in the coming time. Under the name of each task there is also an indication of how much time we have left to execute it. Adding more "task" to the application is very simple, so Wise Reminder also can be handled by less experienced computer users.

When the time for the task is over, a window will appear on the screen. If our day plan is tight and we are very busy, we can use the snooze function to extend the reminder. Just click the "remind me later" button and select the appropriate time (e.g. 5 minutes or 2 hours).
Wise Reminder runs in the background and consumes little system resources. It is also compatible with most editions of the Windows operating system, so it can be launched on both high-performance PCs, laptops, and older PCs.



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