How to Find Your Windows 10 Computer Name in Just a Few Clicks

Looking up your Windows 10 computer name couldn’t be easier. With just one or two clicks, you can look up vital information on your Windows 10 machine.

Method 1

One method uses Cortana. All you have to do is place your cursor in the Ask Me Anything search bar and type Computer Name. Click View Your PC Name under Settings. This will pull up your computer’s About page under System and your computer name will be listed at the very top.

Method 2

If you prefer not to use Cortana, you can just right-click the Windows Start button, and click System in the menu. This will pull up a window where you can see your computer name, as well as your Windows edition, and system information.
What if you don’t use Windows 10? Windows 7 users can find their computer name by clicking the Start Menu, right-clicking Computer and selecting Properties. You will find your computer name under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.

Windows 8 users can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + F to bring up the Search charm. Type in Computer Name and hit enter. Click Settings in the search results. You can find your computer name in the window that pops up under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.


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