How to Automatically Open the Most Recent Document in Microsoft Word for Windows

Maybe you don’t want to add yet another shortcut to your desktop. In that case, you can open the most recent document in Word using either the Search/Cortana box or the Run dialog box. To use the Search/Cortana box, click the Cortana search icon on the Taskbar (or the Search icon, if you’ve disabled Cortana) and enter the following into the box:
winword.exe /mfile1
winword.exe /mfile1
To use the Run dialog box to open the most recent document in Word, press the Windows key+R and enter the same command ( winword.exe /mfile1 ) in the Open box. Then, click “OK”.
To automatically open other documents in the MRU (Most Recently Used) list, use a different number after /mfile in the Target edit box or in the command entered on the Search/Cortana box or the Run dialog box. For example, to open the next-to-last file you used, add /mfile2 instead of /mfile1 .


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