The Most Reliable Privacy Software - Wise Folder Hider Pro

Are you usually share computer with other people? Do you want to secure your privacy? Do you have important or personal files which are not expected to be shown to others? If so, you need a file protection tool to manage your personal data.
Wise Folder Hider Pro provide convenient and reliable solution for protecting your data. Wise Folder Hider Pro can hide and lock your private files, folders and USB drives.
With double password protection, anyone else can’t access your personal data. You can set a separate secondary password for each file. Once you forget the passwords, it is free to get them back if you are using the Pro version.
Ease of operation is also one of its outstanding features. You can hide your files with drag-and-drop or right-click context menu.
The biggest difference of Pro and free version is that you can encrypt your hidden files in Pro version. After encryption, even if they can be found by third-party tools, they cannot be opened to view.
Wise Folder Hider Pro is a trustworthy privacy software. Halloween is coming. Now you can get a Halloween special offer to get Wise Folder Hider Pro with 50% off. Only $14.95! Don’t miss it:


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