How do you manage your Windows desktop?

I don't like my desktop full of icons, so I put them all in the tasbar, doing the following:

Right-click in a blank, empty area of desktop and chose "View", the up-most option.

Uncheck the last option, "show icons on desktop". The icons now desapear from desktop.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, check "tools bar", and "desktop". All icons now apear in task bar.

Right-click in a blank area of task bar, uncheck "show labels" and "show text".

You might rather have there only the icons you use daily, the rest of them should better be on start menu.

To keep the task bar clean and orderly, you may create folders for all matters you have, no need of "virtual desktop" or "launchers", Desktop is already a good "launcher". Create folders like games, documents, apps, internet, as suggested above, but this way of doing is more simple.

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