How to fix chrome slow loading

many reasons makes connections slow down as the followings

!- search chrome browser without google account signed on.

2- join chrome with bypassed connection.

3 trackers + ads + forced cookies made by unknown sites ( those are very serious reasons shuld put on the light spot ) 

3- decrypted protocol : -if the link start with HTTP:// your connection is decrypted and easy to track. but if it start withHTTPS:// it means your connection is encrypted and trackers cant get you or at least 80% of them.

4- using bad DNS or automatic basic pc DNS

5= cookies ( its like introduce oneself builds with site and their visitors - dont delete cookies of chrome accounts or sync chrome cookies

6= storing i lot of caches and no more useful data , temporary and temps files history lasts than 3 days as maximum

7- getting infected by some dark web some of them track till they be able to accesses you often through port 120 or FTP
the injected your pc with ghosty htmls texts sized 0 byte mean leas than 1 byte file some sized 0.0001 byte !!


on chrome-extensions all free all on chrome store
five minutes of click and add and they free 

!- use perivacy badger or ghostery 
these programs can shows you who tracking you, also you can block trackers and see with your very eyes the difference 

2- use adguard its anti ads and anti annoying random cookies builders

3- use wot -world of trust- ITS GUIDE and advisor for safety site, it using people reviews to make judgement once added you will see coloured rings will be shown next any website before join it green means safe red mean dangrous yallow means 50/50

4= use httpseverywhere and choose enable https everywhere, DO NOTclick the other option it may slows your system 

5- use blocksite option to deal with annoying trackers. because every website got many sub domain they can change their name and back again.
but if you block the hosted site domain trackers who belong to it will never comeback

remove cache every 3 - 5 hours of browsing

FINALY if that didnt help use vpn

downlowd opera -white ring icon - provide free VPN on its developer version -the browser with white ring icon- you can detected and sync with chrome too

avira phantom vpn offerd free 1 GB 

use wiss products to scan your pc use avira mcafee internet secuirty both are free but mcafee stand for only a month, dont mix two anti virus choose one

use usenet servers to download products they offer 1 MG per second speed for free 

all what above is free 

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